What should a 4 year old know | kerensa leigh

As a mother of three boys I know how easy it is to compare how smart, athletic, artistic and advanced my kids are. When in truth they are all quite ‘normal’ and ‘average’! This has especially held true with Mekai, our youngest. He is 20 months old and when I look at the charts he is supposed to measure up to, he is a little on the slow side on most items. He didn’t crawl till 10 months, didn’t walk fully till 17 months, just now has all his teeth, and isn’t saying a lot of words. But you know what?? He is just ever so slightly my favorite!! GASP!! This is mostly cause he’s my last baby and so I have treasured every stage and I have to say that looking back I’m elated that he wasn’t first to do everything and in turn grow up too quickly! He has remained my baby longer than the average and I love it! He is happy and healthy and loads of fun and destruction.

My middle boy is 4 and approaching his second year of preschool so this article I came across spoke volumes on this issue of parents competitively comparing their children with their peers! Please take a moment to read this article about what really matters in the lives of our children and how we can help them become contributing members of society. They can’t all be doctors after all, because who then will keep our streets safe from the bad guys, who will cook our dinners when we go out to dinner, and who will teach our children in the school system?

I love all of my boys more than I ever imagined loving someone else. I want only the best for them and only expect them to try their best, which doesn’t mean they have to be the best!

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