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As a mother of three boys I know how easy it is to compare how smart, athletic, artistic and advanced my kids are. When in truth they are all quite ‘normal’ and ‘average’! This has especially held true with Mekai, our youngest. He is 20 months old and when I look at the charts he is supposed to measure up to, he is a little on the slow side on most items. He didn’t crawl till 10 months, didn’t walk fully till 17 months, just now has all his teeth, and isn’t saying a lot of words. But you know what?? He is just ever so slightly my favorite!! GASP!! This is mostly cause he’s my last baby and so I have treasured every stage and I have to say that looking back I’m elated that he wasn’t first to do everything and in turn grow up too quickly! He has remained my baby longer than the average and I love it! He is happy and healthy and loads of fun and destruction.

My middle boy is 4 and approaching his second year of preschool so this article I came across spoke volumes on this issue of parents competitively comparing their children with their peers! Please take a moment to read this article about what really matters in the lives of our children and how we can help them become contributing members of society. They can’t all be doctors after all, because who then will keep our streets safe from the bad guys, who will cook our dinners when we go out to dinner, and who will teach our children in the school system?

I love all of my boys more than I ever imagined loving someone else. I want only the best for them and only expect them to try their best, which doesn’t mean they have to be the best!

Luke and Stephanie | Chilliwack Wedding Photography | kerensa leigh

I absolutely love these two!! When I first met Stephanie I just knew she was the kind of client I wanted to hang out with and photograph. She is so beautiful inside and out and it is so evident that God is the center of her life. At our next meeting Luke was there as well and can I just say these two are made for each other:)I left feeling like I had made some great friends and it was a blast to spend my birthday celebrating their love and commitment to one another!
Here is a sneak peek at some of the fun that was had at the super amazing location that this super amazing couple found for me:)


Meagan and Billy | Chilliwack Maternity | kerensa leigh

Meagan is my beautiful younger sister who has spent the past 7 ish years living in Winnipeg while attending university and teaching French at a girls school and dating her fantastic boyfriend Billy. They tied the knot in Canmore last July in a stunning ceremony outside. It was decided that they would move out here to have their baby and enjoy her maternity leave. Meagan had come out at the end of June and Billy followed a few weeks later so we weren’t left with a lot of time get their photos done. And we did it just in time. Their babe was born a day and a half later:)


Jamie and Stephanie | Abbotsford Wedding Photography | kerensa leigh

Jamie and Stephanie said their vows at the  White Album Wedding Chapel in Chilliwack which is a quaint and super cute chapel owned by Mark and Elizabeth Kowal of White Album Weddings! The ceremony was an emotional one and you could feel the relief for Jamie when that was said and done:)They rang the chapel bell post ceremony and had a few minutes of time for themselves in the bridal room while their guests prepared outside for their bubble exit.


Vendors:  Wedding Coordinator: Happily Wedded After, Decor: Valley Weddings, DJ/Bartending: Absolute DJKlassic Catering, Ceremony: White Album Wedding Chapel, Reception: Clayburn Schoolhouse, Cake: Groom’s sister Ashley, Hair and Make up: Makeup by Kyla, Flowers: Gloria’s Flowers,2014-08-04_0001.jpg2014-08-04_0002.jpg2014-08-04_0003.jpg2014-08-04_0004.jpg2014-08-04_0005.jpg2014-08-04_0006.jpg2014-08-04_0007.jpgStephanie had her father’s tie and Jamie’s tie enscribed…such a beautiful sentiment:)We went to the vedder river for some bridal party photos and finished up at the park in Old Clayburn Village2014-08-04_0008.jpg2014-08-04_0009.jpg2014-08-04_0010.jpg2014-08-04_0011.jpg2014-08-04_0012.jpg2014-08-04_0013.jpg2014-08-04_0014.jpg2014-08-04_0015.jpg2014-08-04_0016.jpgThe reception was held at the Old Clayburn schoolhouse2014-08-04_0017.jpg2014-08-04_0018.jpg

Thielmann Family | Chilliwack Family Photography | kerensa leigh

Carol and I go way back to high school…which is getting to be a really long time ago:(haha, I guess we all get older but when you stop to think about it and the fact that our 20 year reunion is creeping up it makes me feel old!!
Their beautiful daughter Joey is in the same school as my oldest son Kellen and it’s been a lot of fun catching up with her and her gorgeous growing family.

Thank you both for allowing me to capture Wyatt’s 1st birthday

I adore his smile:)


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