Miss N | Chilliwack Boudoir | kerensa leigh

I love doing boudoir photography…I love seeing a beautiful woman transform into a gorgeous woman before my eyes!
I love how Miss N came so prepared for our session. Her take on the outfits she brought was classy and sporty with a bit of sass! I love how boudoir doesn’t have to be nude or almost nude to evoke sex appeal. It goes to show that even covered up it’s in the attitude that gives it that bit of sexiness.

A shout out to Kam of Bold Beauty Studio for the gorgeous make up:)
Here’s a peek into our session


Julie’s Family Photos| Chilliwack Family | kerensa leigh

Julie and I go way back:)I first met her when she was pregnant with Patrick and I did her maternity photos:)and then his newborn photos:)She is always so kind and comments on my work and I’m so glad she’s stuck with me over the years!
So I was very happy when she was the winner of my ‘Mommy and Me’ sessions for Mother’s day!!
I had a lot of fun reconnecting with these two and seeing how Patrick just loves his momma so much:)
Thanks Julie


Kellen Turns 7!

So Kellen wanted a Pirate themed party so thanks to Pinterest, Walmart and the dollar store and a few items from home I think it was a success:)I do say he was the cutest pirate I’ve ever seen as well!! Plus it’s crazy that my first born is 7…wow! It does go really fast!

A huge shout out to Sweet Satisfaction for this epic pirate cake that was so delish inside as well:)

And a big thank you to the YMCA in chilliwack for hosting! Such a breezy party when there’s a huge gym of activities and a bouncy castle to keep 10 young boys happy and active:)


Cherry Picked Boutique | Kerensa Leigh

I once again had the pleasure of collaborating with Angie from Cherry Picked Boutique with more of her gorgeous clothes.
We got to set up at the Abbotsford Airport and it was so much fun!!! It was such a windy day and Shelby did great holding up to the chilly gusts and she still rocked it out there!!
A huge thank you to Ryan (Angie’s husband) for hooking us up with this spot and for helping out so much;)

Marriage on Mondays
Marriage on Mondays
Marriage on Mondays
Marriage on Mondays
Marriage on Mondays
Marriage on Mondays
Marriage on Mondays

Marriage on Mondays | Kerensa Leigh

“You may not be Newlyweds…But you can still kiss like you are” ~Darlene Schacht

We are definitely not Newlyweds!!! We have almost 12 years of marriage under our belt, but thinking back to that first year of marriage I’m so glad we aren’t newlyweds. Don’t get me wrong, at the time I didn’t know it was our worst year of marriage! I’m just glad that each year has gotten better:)
When you hear the term Newlywed, what comes to mind?
For me I think of two people who can’t stop looking at each other. Who want to spend all their time together. They probably can’t stop holding hands and thinking of each other.
When Adam and I first started dating we saw each other every single day for almost three months. Even if it was just for 5 minutes. He used to drive all the way to my house just to say goodnight:)That was definitely a newlywed phase and it was amazing:)
Now he travels for work periodically so we don’t always get to say goodnight in person so it’s a lot of fun to think back and remember our first few months together. To dig down deep and get that back every now and then. To kiss each other like we did in the beginning.
If you’re feeling like the newlywed phase was so long ago, I want to encourage you to sit back and remember those butterflies you’d get when you’d catch him looking at you. Those moments when you are sitting beside them and just hoping that just maybe his hand will brush yours…and that first kiss…nothing beats it:)



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