ryan and beth part 1 | granville island photography | kerensa leigh

Happy Good Friday!!:)the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and i have a gorgeous couple on the blog:)

i love it when i get to keep up with past clients. i first met ryan and beth two years ago for their engagement shoot at crescent beach, and then a year ago for their destination wedding in cancun:)

so now their one year anniversary is approaching and we decided to go to granville island. it was cold…but so pretty…the light was great, the backgrounds were great, the couple was great:)but it was so cold…thanks you two for braving the elements!! this is one of my favorite shoots from my career and i can’t wait to see your family grow:)

baby mika | abbotsford newborn photographer | kerensa leigh

i absolutely love it when past clients contact me to photograph their growing families. i first me keegan and lauren when their first son adrien was born four years ago so to get to see how big he is now is crazy. he is so full of life and welcomed me into his home with excitement! his younger brother jesse is about to turn two and he’s so adorable…and if life with two young boys isn’t hectic enough they added the precious little mika:)with two older brothers to watch out for her she’s sure to grow up feeling like a princess.

they tell me they are all done having kids so that means no more greenwood newborn shoots for me:(hopefully i’ll still get to watch these kids grow up through annual family shoots:)

anyways, here are some of my faves of the day…

Lauren Hedlin Greenwood

Love them!

Renee Fox


Renee Fox

OH. MY. WORD. I love these so much.

Joleen Van Dyke

Love these! Beautiful job, but not too hard when the family is so lovely!

Lori Van Dop Carpenter

So great! What a great family!

Donna Becher

A little girl…..sweet!

Correne Webster

Pics look great:)

Kerensa Underwood

Thanks for the comments :) Definitely makes my job easy when the subjects are THIS cute :D

dinner dilema | chilliwack photographer | kerensa leigh

so pinterest has been a dinner saver on so many occasions and last night was no exception. i knew that i was going to use broccoli and chicken and this is what i decided to make…szechuan noodles…i didn’t have any tahini but i added a bit more peanut oil and it was aw-may-zing!!! dilema solved! it was super easy to make and tasted so good! if you like a little spice you gotta try this:)

abbotsford family photography | kerensa leigh

this beautiful family is near to my heart and i’ve been so happy to watch ashley as a mother to anderson. for the first year and a half she raised him on her own! it takes such great courage to be a single mom and it is no small task!

justin and ashley have been in a relationship for a year and he has taken up the roll of support to ashley and roll model to anderson, who adores him completely! as ashley’s sister in law i am so happy to see her in love! and with someone who loves and uplifts her.

so as we wait for their family to grow, we enjoy where it is today with these fun photos

Donna Underwood

Great pics kren:))

Heather Schmidt- Lockhart

wow!!!! beautiful

Lillian Savinkoff

What wonderful photos Kerensa. And the subjects are all so beautiful as well.

Marilyn Ciccotosto

beautiful photos too. best wishes, and best of luck in love and life!

Kimmy Ann

LOVE these! Anderson is huge now!

Lesley Legge

Beautiful niece, adorable great nephew and Justin, yeah you measure up. :). Awesome pictures Kerensa.

baby jack | abbotsford newborn photography | kerensa leigh

so amber and matt discovered they were expecting another baby when their daughter adley was eight months old, after the shock wore off they were excited to begin another adventure as well as expanding their beautiful family.

they were wanting to wait to find out what the sex of the baby was till he/she was born, but an excited clinician let it slip out that they were going to have a baby boy:)

she had a pretty uneventful pregnancy and was scheduled to have a c-section on nov 5 but her water broke on its own on nov 3 and beautiful baby jack arrived safely weighing in at 7 lbs 10 oz!!

while i was very impatiently waiting for my bundle of joy to arrive i had the pleasure of getting some shots of jack…

F a c e b o o k
I n s t a g r a m
P i n t e r e s t