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If you are in search of a “happy marriage” I have one clue for you on this weeks post for Marriage on Mondays…


It’s one of those things you’re supposed to learn as a young child when your siblings do you wrong. There should be apologies and forgiveness. It’s something we’re working on with our boys. Our eldest is a bit of a tormentor and takes great pleasure in teasing his brothers so there is a lot of tears…a lot of “I’m sorry’s”…followed by a decent amount of “I forgive yous” and I keep thinking that it should get easier for them but it definitely does not! And you know why? Because we are prideful in nature, it’s not easy to admit when you’re wrong and to forgive makes you feel vulnerable so I’m not sure what is harder, asking for forgiveness or giving it??

Within a marriage relationship it is so important to be able to forgive when your spouse has hurt you. Another aspect of forgiveness is the ability to not bring up this hurt again…if the apology is sincere so must your forgiveness be also. To throw these old hurts back at your spouse in a future fight does so much harm. So even if it takes everything in you, I want to encourage you to start to forgive each other. I’m sure you will find that your heart is lighter and your health and stress levels are improved if you can let go hurts and annoyances.


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