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Stephanie Bridal Boudoir | Chilliwack Photographer | kerensa leigh

I know I say this everytime I have a woman brave enough to practically bare it all in front of me! But I absolutely love bringing forth that beauty and confidance that every woman has within them.
Stephanie came to me full of excitement and was so open to everything and her photos speak for themselves:)She is such a stunner and I am so proud of how these turned out. But probably not as proud as her new hubby Jamie is!!
Thank you so much for trusting me Steph:)


priorities, balance and success | chilliwack wedding and boudoir photography | kerensa leigh

how does one maintain balance while trying to be great at everything? if you are reading this and expecting the answer please don’t be disappointed as i’m still searching for the answer. there are some hours where i think i might not be behind the 8 ball. and then i look in the kitchen and see dirty dishes where there once was only bare counter.
having 3 fiesty boys i have resigned myself to the fact that it is my lot in life to be a cleaner, picker upper of toys and tossed sippy cups. maker of grilled cheese and mac n cheese. enforcer of fair play and warden of nap times. lunch packer and chauffeur. and this is only my mommy jobs…

trying to maintain a successful and loving marriage is no simple task. having a simple conversation while the kids are awake is less than simple…i think we usually can get a few sentences out before someone is asking for a drink, or just seeking our attention so we rely on the family calendar to ensure we know each others schedules. quite honestly once the kids are asleep we are both mentally exhausted that we usually end up on the couch beside one another watching separate shows (me on the tv and adam on the ipad) hey it’s still quality time when we are in the same room, right? thankfully our care group is focusing on how to have a successful relationship and after 10 years i know without a doubt there’s no one else i’d rather be married to and its a fun challenge to make it even better:)

running a home business is not without its own challenges. i’ll be the first to admit that the business and marketing side is not my strong suit. i have lots of ideas rolling around in my head and in various note books but putting them into action is the hardest part. i’m a procrastinator by nature and i’m very good at finding things i’d rather do other than work on SEO.

so here i am editing a boudoir session, watching olympics, checking facebook and looking at bridesmaid dresses for my sister-in-laws upcoming wedding while also waiting for the washer to finish so i can switch it to the dryer…all in a days work:)

if anyone has any idea’s on how to maintain a healthy balance between work, life and fun please leave me a note:)

tofino | 10 year anniversary | kerensa leigh

as i reflect over the past 10 years, the last 5 being a bit of a blur with the addition of 3 boys. i have many emotions and many memories. i can honestly say that i am so happily married to a husband who is supportive of my hopes and dreams, who continues to ask where i see myself and us in the next 5 years, who is a great father and role model to our boys, he is a provider to our family, he keeps a warm roof over our heads and food on the table.

we went to tofino for a weekend getaway, we stayed at a little place on the water, we took walks on the beach, we talked about life and love, how much we missed our kids and enjoyed the silence at the same time. there’s something so different about rain at the ocean than there is about rain at home. at the ocean it doesn’t matter that it’s raining, in fact it added this element of adventure, i didn’t feel the cold quite as much and just enjoyed the fresh air. watching a large group of ladies learning to surf, conquering their fears.

where do i see myself in the next 10 years? i’ll be 44! (yikes that’s a bit scary to think of) i’m actually excited to turn 40! i see myself in the best health i’ve ever been in. i see my marriage getting even better, i see myself enjoying being a mother to two teenage boys and one almost teenager. I’m sure i’ll be super busy keeping up with their schedules, homework and appetites! costco will be getting a lot of our money! i see my business at a place that keeps me busy while still magically maintaining the household and juggling everyone’s needs:)it’s attainable, right? i will also have crossed off a few more vaca’s from my list of places to see.


oyster bay | family vacation | kerensa leigh

we usually go camping every august with the whole gang but this year we decided that with three new babes under a year and one of them being only two weeks old that camping would equal gong show and no sleep! so i got on the internet and searched through VRBO and looked in WA. wanting to work within a budget we found the perfect place in Oyster Bay, WA! it was a huge four bedroom place with two kitchens and a beautiful view. when the tide was low the kids were able to just walk down from the back door and go crab hunting…this is one of tyce’s favorite things to do.

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