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hello world | chilliwack newborn photography | kerensa leigh

we were so excited when we discovered that we were expecting our third child, especially when it took awhile to conceive with our first baby. i was never sure if it would take long each time but we were lucky and got pregnant quite easily with the last two. in july we found out that we would be adding another boy to our family, i can’t say i was surprised! as much as i wanted a girl i didn’t think it would happen.

we had the blessing of also being pregnant with my sister in law and our close friends. and ironically we were all due within four days of each other! they were lucky to know the date of their deliveries as they both get c-sections…i on the other hand have to wait for nature to take its course…and because we were so close together i made it into a contest of who would get their baby first…i was convinced it would be me…it was not! i’d been having braxton’s for months and cramping for the last couple of months which in my mind all added up to me having a really early delivery and i was mildly nervous about having a preemie…my older boys are both born on the 24th day of their month so when oct 24 approached i thought wouldn’t it be funny if he was born…he was not ready…my sis in law had her baby boy on nov 3rd, two days before her scheduled section…i was still pregnant…our friends had their baby girl on nov 8th…i was still pregnant…my due date, nov 15th…i was still pregnant…i’ve been early with my previous deliveries so this was all new to me, and not in a good way…i knew that i’d have to wait 10 days to get induced which would bring me to the 25th…i never thought i’d possibly make it to the end of nov, but it was beginning to look like that was the case…

5 days past due and i wasn’t really coping emotionally but was told to keep monitoring movement and keep positive…we tried almost all of the old wives tales for induction…4x4ing…spicy food…raspberry tea (btw, i HATE raspberries) nothing was working…day 6 i was told that because i was having such a hard time emotionally that they might induce me…but the hospital was full…day 7 still no room…day 8…i got the call to come in…by 7:30 they had broken my water…by 8:30 i was in labor with a vengeance…but for some reason they wouldn’t give me anything for the pain…i’d had an epidural for my previous deliveries and kind of expected it…but everything was different this time so i should have known…i was told to try the shower…try to walk…try the gas…all i wanted was for the pain to be gone but by the time i had my IV so i could get an epidural i was ready to start pushing…which ended up being the best delivery ever…i was able to actually feel what my body needed to do naturally…and i had very little pain…just a perfect 9lb 3oz baby boy!!

i can’t help but smile as i write this, knowing he will be our last baby makes this so bitter sweet. he is softly snoring beside me and i know i am so extremely blessed to have him in my life and i look forward to marking all of his milestones and one day snuggling his own babies…

here are a few of my favorite shots from our little session:)

adley turns 1 | mill lake park {kerensa leigh}

I may be mildly biased, but adley is one of the most beautiful little girls ever! her big brown eyes are curious and cautious. she doesn’t give her adorable smile out to just anyone, you’ve got to earn it!! but it is worth the wait, her eyes light up a room!
we walked around mill lake while she picked up leaves and sticks and garbage…i think that she was loving her freedom!

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