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jon + rebecca | chilliwack wedding photography | kerensa leigh

i met rebecca about 15 years ago when her sister and i became friends and i never thought that i’d be part of her wedding day! it’s been fun getting to know her as an individual instead of tenille’s little sister and i have to say she’s such a beautiful person inside and out! and jon is the perfect compliment to her. he is a guy’s guy who loves the Seattle Seahawks and that love has spread to rebecca so it was fun to incorporate the jersey’s and the football with their wedding date into our session.
rebecca is the youngest of 4 and her other sister boards her horse at this great place in rosedale so this is where we went for their photos. the property was huge and there were so many gorgeous options to shoot…a huge weeping willow (one of my favorite trees btw) and creek, a huge field, a bridge, a tree lined path and on and on.
i can’t wait till your big day in july, you are both going to be so gorgeous:)


luke & meaghan | chilliwack wedding photography | kerensa leigh

I once again had the pleasure to second shoot with Urban Fig and it did not disappoint…well maybe the rain was a bit of a downer but meaghan is so stunning inside and out that rain didn’t get us down for too long.
I started with luke and the boys at his grandparents place.
then we met meaghan at a park near garrison for their first look photos. she was stunning in a sutle light grey dress
we took some shots at garrison bistro after a delicious lunch

Meaghan had such cute chalk signs throughout the ceremony and reception. they also opted out of a sit down dinner and had tables set up through the hall as well as servers with delectable treats. they also did a bubble exit from the ceremony, it was so cute


camden | chilliwack smash cake | kerensa leigh

camden is 1!!! we had a smashing time with his cake! there a layer of creamy fudge under the fondant so it was uber messy!! and he was a little unsure of it at first. the cake was made by a co worker of mike’s and she did a great job!!
happy birthday baby moose:)


priorities, balance and success | chilliwack wedding and boudoir photography | kerensa leigh

how does one maintain balance while trying to be great at everything? if you are reading this and expecting the answer please don’t be disappointed as i’m still searching for the answer. there are some hours where i think i might not be behind the 8 ball. and then i look in the kitchen and see dirty dishes where there once was only bare counter.
having 3 fiesty boys i have resigned myself to the fact that it is my lot in life to be a cleaner, picker upper of toys and tossed sippy cups. maker of grilled cheese and mac n cheese. enforcer of fair play and warden of nap times. lunch packer and chauffeur. and this is only my mommy jobs…

trying to maintain a successful and loving marriage is no simple task. having a simple conversation while the kids are awake is less than simple…i think we usually can get a few sentences out before someone is asking for a drink, or just seeking our attention so we rely on the family calendar to ensure we know each others schedules. quite honestly once the kids are asleep we are both mentally exhausted that we usually end up on the couch beside one another watching separate shows (me on the tv and adam on the ipad) hey it’s still quality time when we are in the same room, right? thankfully our care group is focusing on how to have a successful relationship and after 10 years i know without a doubt there’s no one else i’d rather be married to and its a fun challenge to make it even better:)

running a home business is not without its own challenges. i’ll be the first to admit that the business and marketing side is not my strong suit. i have lots of ideas rolling around in my head and in various note books but putting them into action is the hardest part. i’m a procrastinator by nature and i’m very good at finding things i’d rather do other than work on SEO.

so here i am editing a boudoir session, watching olympics, checking facebook and looking at bridesmaid dresses for my sister-in-laws upcoming wedding while also waiting for the washer to finish so i can switch it to the dryer…all in a days work:)

if anyone has any idea’s on how to maintain a healthy balance between work, life and fun please leave me a note:)

luke and stephanie | chilliwack wedding photographer | kerensa leigh

i can’t get over how excited i am to be present during the love journey these two are on:)i knew when stephanie and i first met that i really wanted to shoot her wedding. she has such a kind spirit and she is vibrant and full of life. we emailed back and forth after our initial meeting bouncing ideas off each other and this was all before she actually booked me…lol!
the three of us met for coffee and luke is also just an exceptional guy and you can feel the bond between these two. he looks at steph with such adoration and excitement to start a long life together.
one of my favorite parts of my job as a wedding photographer is absolutely getting to know really cool people that i’d never have the opportunity to meet otherwise and it seems to keep my love for my husband alive and fresh. there’s just something contagious about young love:)
anyways, back to luke and steph… we met at this great barn in chilliwack that i’ve been able to shoot at before, i don’t know if i’ve mentioned it before but i love barns…the more run down the better. i just see such beauty in old, rustic buildings.
we then trekked over the vedder river during golden hour…sigh:)and to up the ante of how cool these two are they agreed to have a chalk fight…so much fun!!!
i hope you enjoy a look at this engagement session and i cannot wait to spend my birthday with the two of you…


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