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camden | chilliwack smash cake | kerensa leigh

camden is 1!!! we had a smashing time with his cake! there a layer of creamy fudge under the fondant so it was uber messy!! and he was a little unsure of it at first. the cake was made by a co worker of mike’s and she did a great job!!
happy birthday baby moose:)


luke and stephanie | chilliwack wedding photographer | kerensa leigh

i can’t get over how excited i am to be present during the love journey these two are on:)i knew when stephanie and i first met that i really wanted to shoot her wedding. she has such a kind spirit and she is vibrant and full of life. we emailed back and forth after our initial meeting bouncing ideas off each other and this was all before she actually booked me…lol!
the three of us met for coffee and luke is also just an exceptional guy and you can feel the bond between these two. he looks at steph with such adoration and excitement to start a long life together.
one of my favorite parts of my job as a wedding photographer is absolutely getting to know really cool people that i’d never have the opportunity to meet otherwise and it seems to keep my love for my husband alive and fresh. there’s just something contagious about young love:)
anyways, back to luke and steph… we met at this great barn in chilliwack that i’ve been able to shoot at before, i don’t know if i’ve mentioned it before but i love barns…the more run down the better. i just see such beauty in old, rustic buildings.
we then trekked over the vedder river during golden hour…sigh:)and to up the ante of how cool these two are they agreed to have a chalk fight…so much fun!!!
i hope you enjoy a look at this engagement session and i cannot wait to spend my birthday with the two of you…


brad and rae | langley maternity | kerensa leigh

i find myself not knowing where to start on this post…
rae and i met 10 years ago at the gateway clinic where we both worked. we had gone to the same high school so i knew who she was but as i am older we never hung out. we instantly got along and she became my “person” and vice versa (grey’s anatomy term)
she was my shoulder to cry on when we were having trouble getting pregnant. i was her shoulder through her journey to become a dr. (which she is super close to being already…)
when she told me about brad…a cute guy from her english class…i was super pumped and kinda made her go on a date with him. i stood by her side 5 years ago when they got married!
when they made the very difficult decision to start a family in the midst of medical school i was very excited because i know they will be such caring and fun parents:)
for their maternity session we went to derby reach in fort langley. it was a day filled with heavy fog, hand holding and belly rubs! i absolutely love me some foggy misty photo shoots! there is just something mysterious about them and it evokes a sad and happy heart at the same time:)
i am so excited to meet this little man and get in some new baby snuggles again


crystal and deb | whistler wedding | kerensa leigh

crystal is the owner of reddy made cakes and she is a superstar baker!! if you are looking for someone to create a beautiful cake for your wedding, anniversary or birthday you need to check her out!  deb works for the abby pd. these two are so great together and they are such fun to be around!

together with their friends and family they joined lives at the squamish lil’wat cultural center in Whistler this past november.  i absolutely love whistler…there’s just something about walking around the village that is so special. my parents have a time share up there so we try to go up regularly (which means once a year or two) and it had been quite awhile since we’d been and it just felt like home!

they decided to do a first look in front of the inukshuk and it was a lot of fun! I love feeling the emotion that the first look gives me. it’s one of my favorite parts of a wedding day! it’s kind of intense and great at the same time. we walked around the village and grabbed some fun shots.

the ceremony and reception we held at the cultural center in the round room! it was such a unique and beautiful location. the food was so good and the speeches were great! especially deb’s father…it turned into a roast and she maintained her composure and grace:)

thanks for choosing me to capture this special day for you two and i wish you all the best

tofino | 10 year anniversary | kerensa leigh

as i reflect over the past 10 years, the last 5 being a bit of a blur with the addition of 3 boys. i have many emotions and many memories. i can honestly say that i am so happily married to a husband who is supportive of my hopes and dreams, who continues to ask where i see myself and us in the next 5 years, who is a great father and role model to our boys, he is a provider to our family, he keeps a warm roof over our heads and food on the table.

we went to tofino for a weekend getaway, we stayed at a little place on the water, we took walks on the beach, we talked about life and love, how much we missed our kids and enjoyed the silence at the same time. there’s something so different about rain at the ocean than there is about rain at home. at the ocean it doesn’t matter that it’s raining, in fact it added this element of adventure, i didn’t feel the cold quite as much and just enjoyed the fresh air. watching a large group of ladies learning to surf, conquering their fears.

where do i see myself in the next 10 years? i’ll be 44! (yikes that’s a bit scary to think of) i’m actually excited to turn 40! i see myself in the best health i’ve ever been in. i see my marriage getting even better, i see myself enjoying being a mother to two teenage boys and one almost teenager. I’m sure i’ll be super busy keeping up with their schedules, homework and appetites! costco will be getting a lot of our money! i see my business at a place that keeps me busy while still magically maintaining the household and juggling everyone’s needs:)it’s attainable, right? i will also have crossed off a few more vaca’s from my list of places to see.


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