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Marriage on Mondays | Kerensa Leigh

“You may not be Newlyweds…But you can still kiss like you are” ~Darlene Schacht

We are definitely not Newlyweds!!! We have almost 12 years of marriage under our belt, but thinking back to that first year of marriage I’m so glad we aren’t newlyweds. Don’t get me wrong, at the time I didn’t know it was our worst year of marriage! I’m just glad that each year has gotten better:)
When you hear the term Newlywed, what comes to mind?
For me I think of two people who can’t stop looking at each other. Who want to spend all their time together. They probably can’t stop holding hands and thinking of each other.
When Adam and I first started dating we saw each other every single day for almost three months. Even if it was just for 5 minutes. He used to drive all the way to my house just to say goodnight:)That was definitely a newlywed phase and it was amazing:)
Now he travels for work periodically so we don’t always get to say goodnight in person so it’s a lot of fun to think back and remember our first few months together. To dig down deep and get that back every now and then. To kiss each other like we did in the beginning.
If you’re feeling like the newlywed phase was so long ago, I want to encourage you to sit back and remember those butterflies you’d get when you’d catch him looking at you. Those moments when you are sitting beside them and just hoping that just maybe his hand will brush yours…and that first kiss…nothing beats it:)



Marriage on Mondays | Kerensa Leigh

Happy Easter Monday!!!

Today I’m going to be talking about how to think in Marriage…

The quote I’ve chosen is “The goal in Marriage is not think alike, but to think together.” – Robert C. Dodds

There is a famous saying that “opposites attract” which I tend to agree with. While it is great to have a few things in common, it’s also fun to challenge each other to try new things. I think it would get really boring to have someone who just agreed with me all the time. I want to be married to someone who can give me a new outlook on a situation. Get me thinking outside the box.
In looking back over the past decade with Adam, we have a lot in common but also there are things that I definitely have to push my self to do…I never grew up camping for an example…whereas this was a staple for Adam’s youth. So it has been a big obstacle for me to literally get out of my comfort zone to sleep outside in a tent. But it’s something I do (unless I’m pregnant) for my husband. Because it’s very important for him that his boys grow up with these memories and adventures, and they LOVE it!!! So there is a little part of me that has grown more fond of it as I watch them really getting into it.
I think it’s a must to agree on the fundamentals though, which in our relationship are:
– we agree on our Spiritual Beliefs (this one is HUGE for me as it filters down into the rest-it is a much bigger struggle IMO to be married to someone that you don’t agree with on this subject
– how to raise our children. This includes discipline, how we direct them, how we challenge them to be better people and how to contribute to society.
– where and how to spend our money (this is not always an easy one as Adam is the main bread winner and I am the main bill payer, but it is something that we talk about and can “think together” on)
– Another big one is that early on we decided that “divorce” was never going to be on the table for us. We have both seen how marriage can fail, love can end, and insults can fly so for us its not an option to give up on our relationship (this is not a judgement on those that choose divorce as I do not know the struggles everyone faces and I think there are definite reasons to not stay together, this is just a personal choice that we made to one another and God)

So I would love to encourage you to think together instead of alike. Remember you are two individuals within one union. You need to respect your spouse’s opinions and really “hear” where they are coming from as well as respectfully give your opinions:)



Marriage on Mondays | kerensa leigh

I’m bringing it back…Marriage on Mondays was a blog segment where I impart my vast marriage knowledge on you my valuable listeners…(I jest) I have 11.5 years under my belt but this does not make me an expert, I’m merely well versed in what does and doesn’t work within my marriage!

I’ve compiled some simple quotes on marriage and life and I’m excited to make a small post each week based on one of these. I hope you enjoy and I’d love to hear your thoughts:)


The first one I’ve chosen is by Darlene Schacht. She is an acclaimed Christian author who has so much insight into what makes a healthy marriage and you should definitely check out her website
The quote is “Relationships blossom when Sacrifice takes the place of Selfishness”

I love love love this one! Anyone who says marriage is easy is either a big liar or has never been married! You cannot have a happy, healthy marriage without the ability to think of your partners wishes/desires/needs. If you go into marriage with selfish tendencies you will most likely feel that it’s an uphill battle.

It is a balance to not lose yourself and become a doormat but the beautiful thing is that if you are both thinking of the other and nobody is acting out of selfishness you should see your relationship blossom. Marriage takes great sacrifice and it is a beautiful thing!

There have been several times in our 15 years together where Adam and I have both been selfish and thinking only of what we want and it is in these times where we don’t feel connected and close to one another. But by being able to get outside of ourselves and truely hear what the other wants it was easier to come back to each other and regroup.

I know for us that having a loving God in the center of our relationship has also helped to be our glue to one another. I can’t imagine doing this marriage thing with anyone other than Adam. There will always be ups and downs in every relationship and I wish you the best in yours.


Gurbir & Candice Maternity | Abbotsford Maternity Photographer

I had so much fun with these two! The rain had stopped for us so we were able to get some great images! I am so glad we were able to fit this session in because they welcomed their baby boy into the world only two days later…
Congratulations you two and thank you so much for letting me capture this special time in your lives:)
I hope you enjoy every single minute with your new baby!! It all changes so fast;)


Cassandra & Kelly Maternity | Abbotsford Maternity Photographer

These two are way too cute:)Cass is a really good friend of my sis-in-laws and I was pumped when she asked me to document their first baby bump:)They brought their furry baby – Harley along and he did really well.
Thanks for putting up with the rain to hang out with me:)I can’t wait to meet your little bundle!!


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