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Marriage on Mondays | kerensa leigh

I’m bringing it back…Marriage on Mondays was a blog segment where I impart my vast marriage knowledge on you my valuable listeners…(I jest) I have 11.5 years under my belt but this does not make me an expert, I’m merely well versed in what does and doesn’t work within my marriage!

I’ve compiled some simple quotes on marriage and life and I’m excited to make a small post each week based on one of these. I hope you enjoy and I’d love to hear your thoughts:)


The first one I’ve chosen is by Darlene Schacht. She is an acclaimed Christian author who has so much insight into what makes a healthy marriage and you should definitely check out her website
The quote is “Relationships blossom when Sacrifice takes the place of Selfishness”

I love love love this one! Anyone who says marriage is easy is either a big liar or has never been married! You cannot have a happy, healthy marriage without the ability to think of your partners wishes/desires/needs. If you go into marriage with selfish tendencies you will most likely feel that it’s an uphill battle.

It is a balance to not lose yourself and become a doormat but the beautiful thing is that if you are both thinking of the other and nobody is acting out of selfishness you should see your relationship blossom. Marriage takes great sacrifice and it is a beautiful thing!

There have been several times in our 15 years together where Adam and I have both been selfish and thinking only of what we want and it is in these times where we don’t feel connected and close to one another. But by being able to get outside of ourselves and truely hear what the other wants it was easier to come back to each other and regroup.

I know for us that having a loving God in the center of our relationship has also helped to be our glue to one another. I can’t imagine doing this marriage thing with anyone other than Adam. There will always be ups and downs in every relationship and I wish you the best in yours.


Full of Flight Life Coach | kerensa leigh

I had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth from Full Flight Life Coach. We strolled around White Rock on a beautiful day in March.

We did a bit of a Q&A on what you can expect when you hire her:)You can read that further down…but first let’s meet Elizabeth;)


Q: What is your business?
A: My name is Elizabeth Turner. I am a Women’s Empowerment Coach and Full Flight Life Coaching is my business.

Q: What do you do in your coaching?
A: In my work I assist overwhelmed Mom’s to create their best lives.

Q: What are your qualifications?
A: I have a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology (Vocational Rehabilitation) from UBC, I have worked as a vocational counsellor for more than 20 years and have completed Dr. Martha Beck’s intensive coaching program (certification pending). (Dr. Beck is the resident Life Coach/ monthly contributor in Oprah’s magazine O).

Q: How exactly do you create your ‘best life’?
A: Coaching is really about removing what isn’t working and magnifying what is. Women today are overwhelmed by so many competing demands-children, work, relationships, heath, finances etc. The last thing they need is more stuff to do. Through the use of various coaching techniques I help them to access their ‘inner GPS’, cut through the chaos of overwhelm and get more peace and clarity.

Q: Who should use your services?
A: Overwhelmed Moms who want more joy, peace and freedom and less daily grind!

Q: What does the coaching cost?
A: I have an 8 session program for women called Overwhelmed to Optimal. The cost of this investment is $775. If people prefer to see my by the hour my rate is $100.00 per one hour coaching session (this includes lots of fun soul homework!).

Q: How do you get started?
A: If you are interested in finding out more contact me through my website or at and we can set up a free 30 minute strategy session to see if coaching is right for you.

Thank You!

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